From the Republic of Conscience

In the memory of Seamus Heaney: A Human Rights poet and writer  April 13, 1939 – August 30, 2013 from the Republic of Conscience I When I landed in the republic of conscienceit was so noiseless when the engines stoppedI could hear a curlew high above the runway. At immigration, the clerk was an old manwhoContinue reading “From the Republic of Conscience”

Trá an Doilin, Maerl Beach in Carraroe

We recently did a modelling study on the sediment mobility of maerl in Galway bay, utilising coupled hydrodynamic-wave-sediment transport models. This is the final part of my PhD in maerl sediment dynamics. Sediment mobility in its simplest form is the percentage of time grains of a particular size are mobile during  a tidal cycle (IdierContinue reading “Trá an Doilin, Maerl Beach in Carraroe”