Press/Web Articles


BBC Autumn Watch Blog Post: Skomer Island Adventures

Silicon Republic Article: Interview

Life’s A Maerl Beach- RTE Brainstorm

Maerl Documentary- Galway Film Centre

Stepping Stones and Stumbling Blocks… My experiences of intersectionality in marine science

Making Waves: A Roundtable Seminar at the National Oceanography Centre

Avoiding the chicken and egg

Coastal pride

NUIG Women in coastal press release

Galway Advertiser local paper

Irish Technews


Engineers Ireland

Radio interview in NUI Galway’s Flirt FM- Women In coastal Geoscience and Engineering

Radio interview in Connemara FM- Women in Coastal Geoscience and Engineering

Radio interview in Galway Bay FM- World Refugee Day Response and Responsibility  Conference

Undergraduate wave modelling student article

Op Ed for The Independent newspaper- Independent Voices

South Asian LGBTI conference- Raveeta Writes

Barfi culture

8 Best LGBTQ+ Organisations for British Asians

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